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The Employment & Eligibility Division of Solano County Health & Social Services administers various federal, state, and local government programs designed to provide health coverage, food and cash assistance for eligible low-income Solano County residents.

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Our office locations remain open, however, to practice social distancing, please consider applying for benefits online or submitting documents via www.MyBenefitsCalWIN.org. You can also utilize our drop boxes that are located at each of our office locations.
For inquiries, please call (707)553-5000.

Medical/Health Coverage
Medical/Health Coverage

CalFresh/Food Stamps

Cash Aid

Cash Aid

My Benefits CalWIN
My Benefits CalWIN
   Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)




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The pandemic has made it harder to feed the whole family. Pandemic EBT (or P-EBT) is a federal program that gives eligible families food benefits to replace meals lost at childcare or school because of the pandemic. This is available for school age children and children under 6 years old who meet certain requirements. Families do not need to apply for this benefit and a P-EBT card will be mailed to each child in the home.

Visit P-EBT webpage to find the latest program updates, program information, and answers to FAQ's,

P-EBT Helpline:
The P-EBT helpline is available Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at (877) 328-9677


Public Charge FAQ
If you have questions about the Public Charge ruling, please visit http://solanocounty.com/depts/hss/publiccharge.asp for more information.