On-line Property Information

To view a Assessor's Parcel Maps you will need to know 2 things.

  • What book is it in
  • What page is it on

This information is easy to figure out if you know your parcel number. For example, if your parcel number is 0132-45-0180 then your parcel would be found in book 0132 on page 45.

0132 - 45 - 0180 is equal to Book - Page - Lot

If you don't know what your parcel number is, you can still access the your parcel map based on your address. Click here to lookup your property by address or  Click here to visually locate the property.

Display a parcel map
To begin: First select your Book

If you can not view the images...
The map Images are stored in .tif format.  In order for you to view, them you must have a "tif" image viewer installed on your computer and the correct file association made to it.  Most operating systems will load a tif viewer of some sort on your machine when the operating system is installed.

This has been tested and does work with: Wangimg.exe, Kodakimg.exe, and Alternatiff's activeX plugin for Internet Explorer and Netscape.