Safe Routes to School

Solano's Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Program encourages students to safely walk and bicycle to and from school.

SR2S Goals are to

  • Increase the number of students who safely walk and bicycle to and from school; 
  • Reduce traffic congestion and air pollution around schools;  
  • Improve children’s health by increasing physical activity.

See SR2S in action: Solano Safe Routes to School  video

School Events

To promote student safety to and from school throughout the school year, Safe Routes to School provides educational activities:

  • Traffic Safety AssembliesGeared to the appropriate grade levels, these lively, interactive assemblies educate students in vital safety precautions.  
  • Bicycle Safety RodeosFun training courses teach kids safety skills including the rules of the road and how to check bikes for hazards such as wobbly seats or worn brakes. Click for the schedule of events.
  • Walk and Roll WeekSR2S safety is promoted at school for the week. On a randomly selected day that week, students are observed walking or biking to and from school. Students who demonstrate safe practices are rewarded with gift bags containing snacks, water, educational materials and promotional items. 

Walking/Biking School Bus - Children walk or bike to school safely in groups called "buses" under the supervision of parents or caregivers. Children who live too far away to walk, can be driven part way, dropped off to join a walking school bus, and walk with the group the remainder of the way to school.  Walking School Buses are being organized at schools now!

Parents & Kids - Get on the Bus!                                                                                            


Right now in Solano County, we are working with schools, parents and students to organize walking school buses and bicycle trains. Volunteers are always needed!

Families Reap Benefits

  • Families enjoy spending more time together and get more physical activity for better health. 
  • Students arrive at school energized: studies show walking to school helps children show up at school ready to learn! 
  • Fewer cars mean safer streets, better air quality around schools, less traffic congestion, less time waiting in line and less stress for everyone! 

Health Promotion & Community Wellness Bureau is also working to promote Safe Routes to School in related community policies, such as General Plans, Area Specific Plans, and School District Wellness Plans.  

Solano Transportation Authority (STA)

The Solano Transportation Authority (STA) received a grant in 2008 to launch SR2S. The program brings together schools, city planners, traffic engineers, police and public health experts to create safer, less congested routes to schools. Parents are invited to volunteer to lead a walking school bus or a bicycle train or to help with a Bicycle Safety Rodeo or Walk and Roll event.  

STA awarded a contract to Solano County Health Promotion and Community Wellness Bureau to provide program coordination, educational programs and activities at Solano school sites. Safe Routes to School is not a school district sponsored program; parents are responsible for ensuring that their children walk and bicycle safely to school.

The STA administers a number of transportation related programs offering services and opportunities that include ridesharing and marketing outreach, highway congestion management and administration of countywide planning and capital grants.

For more information click on logo or contact:

David Gao-Chan, Health Education Specialist
[email protected] 

Victor Hernandez, Health Education Specialist 
[email protected]

Wendy Loomas, Health Services Manager
[email protected]
Lloyd Nadal, SR2S Program Administrator
[email protected]  (707) 399-3219