Senior Resources during COVID-19
Here are available resources for seniors and older adults during the COVID-19 situation.

Caring for older adults, elderly neighbors, and those with disabilities during COVID-19
For a list of resources and services available for seniors, including grocery store hours, senior phone lines, food, shelter and transportation access, see
List of Resources for Seniors

If you are concerned about your elderly neighbors, older adults, and those with disabilities who may be at risk of becoming:
- Sick due to COVID-19,
- Injured or at risk of falling,
- Low on food and groceries
- Low on medication refills
- Victim of elderly abuse

There is expert help available in Solano County:

Older Adult Resource Phone Line
This phone line provides information on caring for older adults, elderly neighbors, and those with disabilities in Solano County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call and get information on how you can get help with caring for a loved one.
To get resources, call: 707-784-1607 (M-F, 8:30am-4pm)

Adult Protective Services
APS investigates reports on abuse of seniors and dependent adults with disabilities who live in private homes, apartments or hospitals.
To report abuse, call: 707-784-8259 or 800-850-0012 

Resources for conducting well checks for older adults and elderly neighbors
Here's a guide on how volunteers concerned for the well-being of elderly neighbors, seniors and people with disabilities during COVID-19:
- A guide on how to help older adults during COVID-19
- A script for conducting well checks  during COVID-19
- A flyer for caring for elderly adults and seniors:

For additional information, go to