Neighborhood Court Program

A Restorative Justice Program

The Neighborhood Court Program is a Restorative Justice Program initiated by the Solano County District Attorney’s Office in cooperation with the Vacaville Police Department and City of Vacaville that is designed to address low level crimes (misdemeanors and infractions) through community-based solutions to swiftly address the harm caused by the offense, while resolving the case outside of the criminal justice system. The program focuses on the harm done to not only an individual but to the community as a whole and focuses on restoring all of the stakeholders who are impacted.

Typically, the offenses are petty theft, disorderly conduct, vandalism, assault/battery, alcohol control violations, and other quality of life crimes. Neighborhood Court is a partnership with the Solano County District Attorney’s Office, volunteers from the community, the Vacaville Police Department, the Center for Intervention (CFI), and community groups.

Residents are trained to serve as Panelists and develop community-based solutions to redress the harm caused by these offenses. Pursuant to Penal Code §14150 – 14156, the District Attorney’s Office empowers Panelists with the authority and responsibility to adjudicate certain infraction/misdemeanor offenses, and it empowers Facilitators with the authority to facilitate the restorative justice process. If you are interested in becoming either a facilitator or a panelist, please fill out the appropriate application below, print out and submit to:


 Solano County District Attorney’s Office                      Vacaville Police Department 
          ATTN: Neighborhood Court                                          ATTN: Neighborhood Court
           675 Texas St., Ste. 4500                       -OR-                      660 Merchant St.
              Fairfield, CA 94533                                                       Vacaville, CA 95688
               (707) 784-6800                                                              (707) 449-5200

Additional questions can be directed to Detective Michael Brennan with the Community Response Unit via telephone at (707) 469-4736 or email: [email protected].

Neighborhood Court Volunteer Facilitator Application

Neighborhood Court Facilitator Code of Conduct

Neighborhood Court Volunteer Panelist Application 

Neighborhood Court Panelist Code of Conduct

List of Eligible Offenses