Special Recognition Awards

Deputy Dan Schick
Medal of Valor

On January 3, 2008, Deputy Schick was patrolling the south beat area of Solano County.  He was flagged down by citizens and advised of a vehicle accident that had just occurred.  The vehicle was on fire and engulfed in flames and smoke.  He was further advised that the driver was trapped inside.  Due to the heavy smoke, Deputy Schick was unable to see the driver.  Deputy Schick began to break out the windows of the vehicle to help remove the smoke.  He saw that the driver was in fact still in the vehicle and unable to exit on his own. Due to the damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle, Schick had to enter the vehicle from the passenger side, unhook the seatbelt and remove the driver.  The driver was transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation and other medical conditions.

According to the Vallejo Fire Department, the driver had singed hair from the fire, smelled heavily of hydro-carbons, and was extremely disorientated.  He would not have been able to exit the vehicle on his own.  Deputy Schick’s quick and decisive action on the scene not only saved the victim from serious injury but may in fact save his life. Therefore, Deputy Schick deserves the highest honor, the Medal of Valor.

Deputy Kinsley Grundy
Distinguished Service Medal

Deputy Grundy was commended on the following two incidents:

Incident 1 – On July 21, 2007 Deputy Kinsley Grundy assisted two personal watercraft riders who had capsized and were floating in 3’ rolling waves.  One rider, a 13-year-old male, was unable to swim and was trying to climb up on the smaller-statured 25-year-old female, pushing her down.  Deputy Grundy pulled both onto his personal watercraft and drove them back to Sandy Beach Park

Incident 2 – On October 3, 2007, Deputies Grundy and Mike Pimentel were on marine patrol and noticed a fire burning on the dock of the C&H Sugar plant on the Crockett side of the Carquinez Strait.  Both deputies reported the incident to Sheriff’s dispatch and began to extinguish the fire using the onboard de-watering pump, sucking water from the bay and shooting it onto the dock fire.

In the first incident, there was serious potential for the loss of life.  In the second incident there was serious potential for significant property damage.  Therefore, I do present this certificate to recognize Deputy Grundy’s quick thinking and exceptional acts under these two emergency situations.