Food Program

The Food Program protects public health and safety by ensuring that food facilities serving food to the public meet minimum construction, sanitation and safe food handling practices required by the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code).  

Cottage Food Operation  - The California Homemade Food Act will allows Solano County residents to operate a limited home based food business, known as a Cottage Food Operation (CFO) from their home and to prepare and sell specific types of low risk foods made in their home kitchens directly and indirectly to the public. The State of California Department of Public Health (CDPH) maintains information on type of food products allowed to be made and distributed from a CFO, labeling requirements,  information on required food processor training, and answers to frequently asked questions on their CDPH CFO web site

Persons interested in operating a CFO in Solano County will need to obtain a registration or permit based on the type of food sales performed from the Solano County Environmental Health Services Division.  This flowchart will provide a general idea if a CFO needs a registration or permit.

Direct Sales (Class A) - Complete the application form, self certification checklist and food product description and return with any additional required information (for example-water sample results if on private well) and $103.00 registration fee to the Environmental Health Services Division.

Indirect sales with or without direct sales (Class B) - Complete the application form and food product description form and return with any additional required information (for example-water sample results if on private well) and $340.00 permit fee to the Environmental Health Services Division.

All caterers are required to register with Solano County Environmental Health.
The guidelines for caterers can be found here
The caterer application can be found here.
The commissary agreement for caterers can be found here.

If you have a complaint about a food facility, or if you think you got sick from eating food, click here.

Food Business Information
Starting or running a food business can be stressful and exciting. There is a lot of information to research and process. Use the following information to help you start a food business or to stay updated with current requirements.

Starting a Food Business
How to obtain a Food Handler Card or become a Certified Food Protection Manager
Certified Food Protection Manager Training and Test Providers 
Mobile Food Facility Plan Submittal Application
Plan Check Guidelines for Mobile Food Facilities (MFF)
US DOJ Brief: Service Animals
US DOJ - Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in Places of Business 

Community Events
Community Event Organizer Application

Community Events located in unincorporated Solano County require a zoning clearance from Solano County Planning Department prior to submitting a Special Event Food Organizer application to Environmental Health Division. Contact Resource Management at 1-707-784-6765 and ask to speak with the planner on duty to obtain a zoning clearance.

NEW for Non-Profit Community Event Organizers: Non-Profit Community Event Organizer Expedited Application. Our goal is to expedite approval of those organizations sponsoring recurring community events year after year at the same location. If food facility operators are different from the previous year's approved event, you will need to submit a new proposed food vendor list at least 14 days before the start of the proposed community event. 

Temporary Food Facility Operator
Application and Guidelines
Self-Inspection Checklist
Application for returning Non-Profit Temporary Food Facilities  

Training Presentations
Food Safety at Community Events 
Temporary Food Facility (Food Booth) Setup 

Helpful Videos
Food Booth Enclosure    Alternate Hand Wash       Alternate Utensil Washing 

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