Unit Descriptions & Functions

Felony Unit
Provides legal representation to indigent adults charged with felony violations.

Misdemeanor Unit  
Provides legal representation to indigent adults charged with misdemeanor violations.

Juvenile Unit
Provides legal representation to:
Indigent juveniles charged with crimes; and 

2.    Indigent parents in danger of losing parental rights through Child Dependency proceedings

Civil Unit
Provides legal representation to indigents in Conservatorship proceedings as well as any civil proceeding where loss of liberty is possible.

The Public Defender protects the constitutional rights of every individual charged with misdemeanors and felonies in this County by its presence at every critical stage of the proceedings in every court at every calendar, to provide the crucible in determining whether charges brought are true in whole, in part, or at all. We believe it is an honor to serve our clients.  Government Code Section 27706 defines the duties of the Public Defender. Generally, the Public Defender is responsible for representing any person financially unable to employ counsel and who is charged with the commission of any contempt or criminal offense triable in the Superior Courts of the County at all stages of the proceedings. The Public Defender also represents minors in wardship proceedings, adults in juvenile dependency matters through a contract with our Courts, petitioners for the restoration of rights, applications for pardons, persons alleged to be sexually violent predators (SVP's) or mentally disordered sex offenders (MDSO's); and mentally ill persons at hearings to determine their mental condition, and in conservatorship proceedings.