The birth MUST have occurred within the last 12 months; otherwise you must file with the State department. For more information to register Non-Hospital births over 12 months, please visit the State website

Non-Hospital births under 12 months old can be registered at our office by appointment only. 

The presence of the mother, child and a witness is required to register.  The process takes about 30-45min.  The witness can be anyone who was present at the birth, such as the father, Midwife, friends.   

You will need to gather the necessary information prior to your appointment.     


  • California State ID or Driver's License for parents (or passport)
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy from the physician or midwife (must be on letterhead)
  • Proof of residency in Solano County such as an utility bill that covers the time of the birth
  • If the child was taken to a neighboring hospital after birth, bring notification of birth letter from the medical records department
  • Newborn Screening Test (PKU) results
  • Marriage License (if parents married)
  • Declaration of Paternity and acknowledgment of Paternity (if parents are not married, these forms are available in our office)
  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership (if established)
  • Worksheet and affidavit for Out-of-hospital births   
  • Affidavit of Birth Information for Out-of-hospital births (DO NOT sign this form prior to the appointment.  It MUST be signed in front of a clerk)  
  • Notification of Registration of Birth which occurred out of a licensed health facility NBS-OH completed
  • Birth Certificate Application Form filled out, but not signed 

 You can also download the "Out of Hospital Birth Package" for more information.