PA Registry

What is the Public Authority Registry?

The Public Authority Registry helps match In-Home Supportive Service consumers with quality care providers. We recruit, screen and provide training classes to care providers, and work to ensure that our registry is a safe and reliable source for those who need in-home assistance.

Our Registry maintains a database of experienced care providers who have attended a Registry Recruitment session and have been interviewed by a member of our staff and cleared reference checking. Additionally they have undergone a California Department of Justice criminal background check as part of the screening process. They have also successfully completed the State mandated enrollment orientation process and have been cleared as eligible to work as an IHSS care provider.

IHSS Consumer

If you are a Solano County IHSS consumer and need help finding a care provider, you can call your social worker to request a provider list. Your social worker will send the referral to the Public Authority. Once we receive the referral, our registry social worker will contact you to find out your specific needs and preferences.  A provider list will be sent to you based on your needs indicated.

Care Providers

 You must pass the entire recruitment process in order to be a registry provider. The selection process will include:

  • Be enrolled as an IHSS provider.  You must have completed an enrollment form, completed a background check, attend an orientation and sign an agreement that you understand the rights and responsibilities of being a care provider.
  • Attend one of our registry recruitment classes and fill out an interest form.
  • Potential care providers will be selected to apply and interview based on the information on the interest form.  
  • Pass the interview and reference checks.

We are pleased to announce that we are recruiting new caregivers to the Public Authority Registry. If you would like to start the process, please print out and complete our  Registry Interest Form  and mail it to the Public Authority's office.

Tips for being a successful provider on the registry

If you need more information about our registry, please call the Public Authority @ 707-784-8200.