County medical services program (CMSP) provides no-cost or low-cost health insurance for adults between 21 and 64 year of age. CMSP only starts in the month of application. For additional information see the following:
                    Information about CMSP Notice 01
                    Eligibility Information Notice 02                          

If someone does not apply in the month of the medical emergency, she
may apply for a special Solano County Residual Medical Program (CRMP).
For more information about program eligibility and scope of benefit
coverage visit 
Solano County Residual Medical Program (CRMP)
will pay for certain medical bills in the past month prior to your CMSP
application if you qualify for this program and will only pay medical
providers who have an agreement with Solano County.

 To apply for CMSP, complete a CMSP Application and submit it
to Solano County.  All other
CMSP forms are available to you at this site. 

 For more information about CRMP visit 
Solano County Residual Medical Program (CRMP)


REMEMBER: The application date is calculated from the date
                     Solano County receives your signed application.

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