Military/Ex-Military Medi-Cal Applicants/Beneficiaries

  Military or Ex Military Medi-Cal applicants or beneficiaries
may be eligible for more benefits through the
Veterans Administration

  • VA Healthcare with no monthly payment and no monthly co-pays for doctors visits and prescriptions for veterans who qualify.
  • VA will mail you a three month supply of medication so you don't have to travel once the prescription is established.
  • Free hearing aids and eye glasses may be available for qualified verterans.
  • Veterans who were injured in the service or exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam may be eligible for monetary compensation from the VA.
  • Veterans who served during war-time or their widows may be eligible for monthly cash pension payments through the Veterans Pension program.
  • Veterans who served during war-time and their widows may be eligible for increased monetary cash payments if they are in need of aid and attendance support.
  • Veterans who are currently receiving VA compensation for a service-connected condition may be eligible for the College Tuition Fee Waiver for their dependent  children.  This benefit waives the tuition fee at all Community, California State Universities and UC's.
Solano County Veterans Administration office is located at 675 Texas Street, Fairfield, CA. 
Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday  9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00.  No appointment necessary.             Would you like to visit the County VA website?
Need to find out more about the benefits available to you? Click on the VA Resource Book to  download a copy.
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