Your Money




You can call 211 or select your city name from the menu on the left for a list of ATMs and stores where you can get your cash benefits. The list can tell you:

  • The name and address of ATMs
  • If there is a surcharge (how much you pay to use that ATM).
  • How much money you can get at one time from the ATM.
  • The name and address of stores that have a POINT OF SALE (POS) device that will accept your EBT card.
  • How much cash you can get at one time from the store.
  • If you have to make a purchase at a store to get cash back.
  • If the store sells money orders.
Transaction Fees: You can make 4 cash withdrawals at an ATM without paying a transaction fee. After 4 withdrawals, you will pay 85¢ each time you make a withdrawal from an ATM. Remember, you will never pay a transaction fee at a POS and you can get your cash with your EBT card at a POS without paying a surcharge if you know where to go.

Checking your balance: If you check your balance at an ATM, you will be charged 25¢. Here's how you can check your balance for free.
  • Check the receipt you got last time you used your EBT card. Most receipts will have your balance on it.
  • Call 211 at any time.
  • Call the Toll-Free Citicorp Customer Service Line: 1-877-328-9677
If you have a bank account or can get one, you can have your cash benefits automatically deposited on the first of each month. Ask your worker how to sign up for DIRECT DEPOSIT. Direct Deposit is not available for General Assistance Recipients.
Security note: NEVER keep your EBT card, PIN and/or Social Security Number in the same place. If your benefits are stolen, Solano County CANNOT replace them!