General Assistance Verification

To help process your application for the General Assistance Program, you must provide the following necessary verifications for each person in the applicant household. Photocopies are acceptable.

Social Security Numbers or proof of application.

Copy of Driver’s License or other picture I.D, or Birth Verification. Proof of Residence.

Copies of proof of all income, most current pay stubs, Child Support and Alimony, Social Security Award Letters, VA Benefit, Unemployment and  Disability Benefits received or for which you have applied.  (EDD Unemployment Insurance Benefits printout can be obtained by calling 1-800-300-5616).

Verification of Disability (if applicable).

All current Checking and Saving Account statements or passbooks brought up-to-date by bank.

Savings Bonds, Stock Certificates, Credit Union Statements, Money Market Certificates, and Retirement Accounts.

Current Vehicle Registrations:  include cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, motor homes, or boats.  Include verification of balance owed on each vehicle.

Immigration Status:  INS Registration Card (photo copy both sides), Citizenship Verification, Birth Certificate or Passport.

PLEASE NOTE:  This list is provided as an example of the minimum verifications an applicant must provide at the time of application.  It should not be considered as the only verifications that may be needed.  Your Eligibility Benefits Specialist will determine what additional verifications, if any, may be required for your specific situation during your initial and subsequent interviews.