Explore the outdoors!  
When asked, 75% of children would rather do an activity with their parent than watch TV.  Children learn by playing, and Solano County offers many places to play safely. 
Outdoor activities can include:
  • Creating a simple obstacle course in the yard from things in the garage such as boxes, cones, or whatever you have available
  • Interacting with nature at local parks or in your own front yard.  Explore together by finding things that are smooth, hard, scratchy, rough
  • Take out a blanket and lay on the grass. Close your eyes and try to identify the sounds around you or keep your eyes open and see what shapes you can see in the clouds
  • Count the number of trees, flowers, ducks! Counting outloud with your child helps them learn their numbers
  • Point out the different colors  around you.  Green, Red, Blue, Orange!

Remember, to wear sunscreen and stay well hydrated, and if the temperature is too hot,  keep activities indoors.  An indoor picnic in the living room is always easy and fun!

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Business Challenge Grants Now available
First 5 Solano is offering non-profits an opportunity to raise funds by establishing partnerships within the business community.  For more information click here.

Help Me Grow Solano "One Call. That's All"
Help Me Grow Solano is a collaborative partnership of all First 5 Solano funded programs and other community partners serving children and families from birth through age 5 in Solano County.  Help Me Grow Solano provides a central point of access for services, healthcare provider outreach, community outreach, data collection, and outcomes. It's often difficult and time consuming for parents to search for programs to address the unique needs of their children. Help Me Grow Solano is the simple solution that connects babies, young children, and their families to program and services throughout Solano County. Help Me Grow does not provide direct services, but their goal is to assist families in getting connected to the services that they need.