Our Mission, Vision, Values & Principles

Overarching Principles
*Evidence-based * Trauma-informed * Focused on high-risk/need*
 *Access * Coordination * Collaboration * Leveraging*

Our Vision
All Solano County children are loved, healthy, confident, eager to learn, nurtured by their families, caregivers, and communities

Our Mission
First 5 Solano Children and Families Commission is a leader that fosters and sustains effective programs and partnerships with the community to promote, support and improve the lives of young children, their families and their communities

Core Values

We will model the spirit of collaboration through team work in our interactions with one another, community members and service providers.

We will seek and embrace new ideas and ways of supporting services and building community capacity, considering the highest and best use of Commission resources to be leveraging funds to support system change.

Community Engagement
We are accessible to our stakeholders and make every effort to incorporate community participation into policy and funding decisions.

Respect for Diversity
We are committed to supporting families, children and organizations in ways that are respectful, inclusive and responsive to the community.

We will use our unique role to build public support for policies and programs that benefit young children and their families

We set and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards for our programs and ourselves.

We will establish goals for progressing toward our vision, define results for funded endeavors, measure and report our progress, and use what we learn to improve the lives of children and their families. 

We leverage our human and financial resources intentionally, to sustain our internal and external services and strengthen the early childhood system. 

We are committed to reducing and eliminating opportunity gaps among children from diverse backgrounds, abilities and circumstances.

We support the integration of early childhood resources to build a system of care that is child and family centered and that efficiently addresses a variety of needs.