First 5 Solano Funding Opportunity
Applications are now being accepted for RFP 2014-04 for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA/PEI) and Early Child Developmental Health Services.  A mandatory applicants conference will be held on April 22, 2014.  Click here for the RFA and all relevant documents.

April is Autism Awareness Month

Autism is a developmental disability that occurs when the brain has trouble functioning properly. It affects a child’s ability to speak, learn, and communicate with others. In the United States, the average age of diagnosis with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is around 4 years of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends screening all toddlers for autism at ages 18 and 24 months and a growing number of researchers believe that screening can and should start even earlier for infants known to be at high risk for autism. These high risk infants include the younger siblings of children already diagnosed with ASD.
There is no cure for autism, but early intervention can help. Children who are diagnosed at a young age and visit a doctor regularly for treatment show improvements in learning and communication skills. While some parents may be concerned about the safety of vaccines and whether there is a link to autism, the American Association of Pediatrics continues to recommend that children receive their immunizations to protect them against childhood diseases. In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, First 5 Solano offers the following information to help parents understand autism and connect them to the resources they need.
·     PEAK -Primary Early Access for Kids offers developmentally screenings to children within Solano County, and links parents to services for treatment.
·      The Autism Society of America (ASA) -  The ASA has chapters throughout California and provides information on symptoms and treatments.

Support Your Future Workforce: Sponsor a Pre-K Academy Student Today!
For just $200 you can sponsor a child in your community to begin their education with the skills necessary to succeed academically. Your $200 contribution is matched dollar-for-dollar by First 5 Solano to send at-risk children with no prior preschool experience to a Pre-K academy in summer 2014.

“One of the most powerful indicators of a student being at risk for school failure in their later years is their lack of readiness for kindergarten. For years the Pre-K academies have successfully helped prepare students that have little or no preschool experience. There is no question in my mind that this relatively small investment at this early age absolutely can change the course of a child’s life”.  - Jay Speck Solano County Superintendent of Schools and First 5 Solano Commission Chair.

To see a short video of highlights from 2013 Pre-K Academies,
click here

Sponsor online today! Yes, I want to sponsor a child!
For more information, please call Ciara Gonsalves (707) 784-1338 or e-mail

Help Me Grow Solano
is a collaborative partnership of all First 5 Solano funded programs as well as other public and private partners serving the prenatal through age 5 population in Solano County.  Help Me Grow Solano provides a central point of access for services; Health provider outreach; Community outreach; and Data collection and outcomes. The goals of Help Me Grow include promoting awareness of the importance of early identification and intervention and linkage to services county-wide for children prenatal through age 5 among parents, clinicians, policy makers, and the public; and ultimately promote children's optimal health, mental health, family support, and development by ensuring that families are connected with needed resources.