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Happy October!
Parents are a child’s first and best teacher! Some fun and simple steps that a parent can use to help build the foundation for a strong,
successful relationship with their child are:

1.            Tell your child that you love them every day.
2.            Put down the technology and listen when they are talking.
3.            Snuggle on the couch.
4.            Eat meals as a family.
5.            Make time to talk and play with your child.
6.            Develop and maintain family rituals like bedtime stories so that they see their 
         family as a loving and cohesive unit.
7.            Talk, Read and Sing to and with them!

Links for more information:
Talk. Read. Sing!

Talking is Teaching Family Guide (PDF available in English and Spanish)
Talking is Teaching Storybook (PDF available in English and Spanish
Tips for Infants & Toddlers (PDF

Solano Parent And Child Education Program – Interactive Online Classes & Practical Parenting Tips to help navigate the journey of becoming the parent you want to be

10 Steps to Positive Parenting 

October is Domestic Violence Prevention and Awareness Month
Office of Family Violence Protection (OFBP0Solano Family Justice Center
The office of Family Violence Protection works with local public and private organizations to reduce family violence in Solano County.  Their goal is To reduce the incidence of abuse and neglect in families through education and interventions.

Domestic Violence is not okay.  If you or someone you know is suffering child abuse or domestic violence there is help.  Call the OFVP, 911, or the National Domestic Violence hotline at :(1-800-799-SAFE).

Loma Vista Farm’s Annual Harvest FREE Family Event-Saturday October 24th 
October 24 is Food Day and this year Loma Vista Farm in Vallejo is partnering with the Solano County Food Policy Council and a host of other Solano County not-for-profit organizations to offer fun and new activities for the whole family to enjoy… and yes, there will be pumpkins!  The event, shared with us by dieticians in Solano County Public Health, is dedicated to promoting eating a healthier diet and putting your families diet on track.  Food Day is not just a day – it’s a year-long catalyst for healthier diets in Solano County.  
Saturday, October 24 | 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Loma Vista Farm, 150 Rainier Ave. in Vallejo
FREE Admission – everyone is welcome!
For more information please visit www.lomavistafarm.org.  

Help Me Grow Solano "One Call. That's All"
Help Me Grow Solano is a collaborative partnership of all First 5 Solano funded programs and other community partners serving children and families from birth through age 5 in Solano County.  Help Me Grow Solano provides a central point of access for services, healthcare provider outreach, community outreach, data collection, and outcomes. It's often difficult and time consuming for parents to search for programs to address the unique needs of their children. Help Me Grow Solano is the simple solution that connects babies, young children, and their families to program and services throughout Solano County. Help Me Grow does not provide direct services, but their goal is to assist families in getting connected to the services that they need.