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January-Rained in!

As the new rear arrives, so does the wet and rainy weather. It can be a challenge to keep kids active, but don’t let the damp forecast rain on your parade. Put on your raincoats and boots and go outside. Splash in some puddles, do your best impressions of ducks and frogs, sing in the rain and twirl your umbrella. It’s not always possible to go outside, so play indoor games that require movement like, Simon Says or have a dance contest. Keep in mind that too much screen time can lead to obesity and attention deficit disorders. Whether you are indoors or out remember to have fun and stay active!

What's New - January -March 2017 Newsletter!

First 5 Solano has transitioned from collaborative meetings to sharing information through a quarterly newsletter. The newsletter will provide information on early childhood issues and programs relevant to Solano and mailed electronically to 100+ Solano providers. If you have information you would like to share through the newsletter, send to We will also be hosting trainings, so be on the lookout for future announcements.

Available Now

First 5 Solano 2017 Calendar is now available.  Distribution has begun and  are currently taking orders. The calendar is FREE for the community and available in English and Spanish. It is organized around monthly themes and provides tips for parents and caregivers, as well as recognizes observances for young children. There is also information on how to connect with local community resources to support children and families. To order,
 go to the options tab on this page and click on I want to order a calendar. Complete and submit the form and the calendar will be delivered right to your door.
Foundation Study Report Released

As reported in a recent KQED news article, a report by Applied Survey Research, “Foundation Giving in the Bay Area: Who Wins and Who’s Left Behind,” Solano County has the highest rate of families in poverty and the lowest rate of foundation giving among the nine Bay Area Counties.

The study found that when compared to a similar study conducted a decade ago by the James Irvine Foundation entitled “Giving in California,” nothing has changed in the past ten years....Solano County ranked last then too. Continued research to examine causes related to this issue will be conducted and included in a follow-up report at a later time

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