ALS Protocols
A Table of Contents
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Table of Contents (Updated 3/12/18)
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B-01 Behavioral Emergencies in Adults (Eff_5/01/18)
B-02 Abuse
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C-01; Shock (eff: 11/30/2010)
C-03 Adult Cardiac Arrest (Shockable) Rhythm (Eff: 9/01/13)
C-04 Cardiac Arrest (Non-Shockable) Rhythm (Eff: 9/01/13)
C-05 Wide Complex Tachycardia (Effective 5/1/18)
C-06 Bradycardia (Effective 5/1/18)
C-08 Narrow Complex Tachycardia (Effective 5/1/18)
C-09 Chest Pain (Non-Cardiac in nature) (Effective 31 March 2010)
C-10 Chest Pain - Likey ACS (Effective 5/1/18)
C-12 Initial Resuscitation Measures (Effective 12/05/2013)
C-14 ACS Chest Pain with STEMI (Effective 5/1/18)
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E-01 Heat Illness/Hyperthermia
E-02 Hypothermia/Frostbite
E-03 Envenomation
E-04 Burns (Effective 5/1/18)
E-05 Near Drowning/Drowning
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H-01 Hazardous Materials Exposure
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M-01 Abdominal Pain (Effective 9/15/18)
M-02 General Medical Complaints
M-03; Severe Nausea and Vomiting (Eff: 11/30/12)
M-05 Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis
M-06; Poisons/Drugs (eff 4/23/2013)
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N-01; Coma/Hypoglycemia/ALOC (Eff: 11/30/12)
N-02 Seizures (Effective 2/11/16)
N-04 Acute Cerebrovascular Accident
N-05 Syncope/Near Syncope
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O-3 Imminent Delivery; 7/2008
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P-01 Cardiac Arrest (11/30/09)
P-02 Neonatal Resuscitation (11/30/09)
P-03 Pediatric Respiratory Distress (Effective 3/31/10)
P-04 Bradycardia (11/30/09)
P-05 Tachycardia (Effective 2/11/2016)
P-06 Pediatric Shock (Effective 3/31/10)
P-07 Pediatric Allergic Reaction / Anaphylaxis (Effective 5/1/18)
P-08 Pediatric Seizure (Effective 2/11/16)
P-09 Pediatric Altered Level of Consciousness (Effective 3/31/10)
P-10 Toxic Exposure/Ingestions
P-11 Pediatric Burns (Effective 5/25/14)
P-12 Trauma
P-13 Pediatric General Medical (eff 11/30/2010)
Pediatric Basic Principles (Effective 5/24/14)
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R-01; Airway Obstructions (eff 11/30/2010)
R-02; Acute Respiratory Failure (eff 11/30/2010)
R-03; Generalized Shortness of Breath (NEW) (eff 11/30/2010)
R-06 Asthma/COPD/Bronchospasm (11/30/09)
R-07 Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Eff-12/01/16
R-08 Spontaneous Pneumothorax
R-09 Toxic Gas Inhalation
Special Procedures
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AICD Magnet Memo 12-3-08
S-01 Pleural Decompression (9/15/18)
S-04 Needle Cricothyrotomy
S-05 Adenosine (SVT Treatment)
S-06 Endotracheal Suctioning for Meconium Aspiration
S-07 Intraosseous Cannulation
S-08 External Cardiac Pacing (Effective 5/25/14)
S-09 CPAP-Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (11/30/09)
S-10 Pre-existing Vascular Access Devices (PVAD); 8/2008
S-11 Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Effective 12/12/14
S-12 Intranasal Medication Administration (Effective 5/1/18)
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T-01 to 04 Shock, Trauma, Arrest, Head-Spinal, Cheset_Eff_6-15-17
T-05 to 06 Abdominal/Etremity Trauma (Effective 5/1/18)
T-06-A to T-06-B Use of Tourniquets/Hemostatic Dressings (Effective 5/1/18)
T-7 - Management of Suspected Open Book Pelvic Fracture (11/30/09)
Trauma - General Treatment (Effective 5/1/18)