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ComputerCOP software provides a quick, easy way for parents to determine what their children are doing while on the computer and to assess their kids' exposure to objectionable or even dangerous material. By inserting the mini-CD, ComputerCOP instantly scans for potentially objectionable images and text - drawing on its database of nearly 1,000 red-flagged words and phrases associated with pornography, drugs, violence, hate crimes, and gambling. ComputerCOP even scans files that have been deleted.

By reviewing material that has been downloaded onto the hard drive, parents may be able to determine whether their children have had contact with Internet predators or are visiting objectionable sites. ComputerCOP:

  • Defines words and phrases and contains a "delete" function so that parents can eliminate inappropriate material.
  • Doesn't install on computer; doesn't have to be loaded. All parents need to do is turn on the computer, pop the disc in, and close the CD-ROM tray. ComputerCOP guides you through the rest.
  • Displays all images and graphics files stored on the computer.
  • Looks for content on hate activity, weapons, drugs, sex (pornography), and violence.
  • Searches temporary files, caches, and cookies (which contain traces from Internet downloads).
  • Can retrieve deleted files that haven't been overwritten.
  • Provides two search optionsĀ - all files or most recent files.
  • Is compatible with every Windows operating system.
  • ComputerCOP will not run on Macintosh systems.
  • This mini-CD is three inches in diameter and may not run on some vertically-mounted CD drives.
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Solano County residents can obtain the ComputerCOP software FREE.

- Just send a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to:

ComputerCOP Software
Solano County District Attorney's Office
675 Texas Street, Suite 4500
Fairfield, CA 94533-6340