Mediterranean Fruit Fly Quarantine

Quarantine boundaries were established on September 29, 2017 for Mediterranean Fruit Fly.

Other Helpful Maps:

Western Portion of Quarantine

Google Earth Quarantine Map
California Department of Food and Agriculture Quarantine interactive map.

Important Contact Information:

Public Hotline: (800) 491-1899
(trapping, suspect fly finds, other questions)

If you are...

the Quarantine Area (Fields, Orchards, Properties & Residences)
Contact the CDFA Medfly Quarantine Project at (916) 654-0312
(primary line for compliance agreement and pre-harvest treatment monitoring) 

OUTSIDE the Quarantine Area (Fields, Orchards, Properties & Residences)
Contact the Solano County Agriculture Department at (707) 784-1310
(proactive or pre-quarantine questions or needs, pre-quarantine compliance agreements and pre-harvest bait treatment monitoring, trapping and survey activities, and pesticide questions) 

General Information:

Medfly Host List
Medfly Pest Profile

Information for Growers:

FAQ Regarding Exotic Fruit Fly Quarantines
Medfly Power Point presented at the February 20, 2018 Grower Meeting
Bait Treatment and Harvest Schedule
Pesticide Product Labels
Pre-Harvest Treatment Information Packet