Produce Stands
Solano County Produce Stands
Castaneda Bros Produce
765 Dynasty Dr., Suisun City
Open July through October

The Country Barn
2678 Rockville Rd, Suisun
Open June 20 through July 20

Dixon Fruit Market
7808 Batavia Rd, Dixon
Open Year Round

Elmira Produce
6083 California Pacific Street, Elmira
Open August through December

Erickson Ranch
2482 Cordelia Rd., Cordelia
Open June through October

2849 Rockville Rd, Suisun
Seasonal Fruit and Pumpkin Patch
Open October 6 through 31st

K&J Orchards
9196 Gaddini Road, Winters
Open June through October

Larry's Produce
4606 Suisun Valley Road, Suisun
Open June through December

Maria's Produce (Cherries Only)
3457 Ryer Road East
Open May through June

Nola's Fruit and Produce
Cherry Glenn Road, Vacaville
Open May through October

Pedrick Produce
6850 Sievers Road, Dixon
Open Year Round

The Vegetable Patch
Rockville Rd, Suisun
Open June through December
Seasonal Strawberry Stands
Meng Chou
Walters @ Bella Vista, Fairfield

Billy Saechao
Leisure Town Rd, Vacaville
(South of Elmira Road)

Saechao Family Farm
2703 Rockville Road, Suisun

Seng Saelee
1-80 @ Schroeder Road, Dixon
Solano County Wineries
7924 Timm Road, Vacaville
Open M-F 10-12/1-6 Wkends-Call

1855 De Lue Drive, Suisun
Open Year Round - Weekends 11-5pm

4756 Suisun Valley Road, Suisun
Open Year Round - Tues-Sun 9-5pm